MUST-WATCH VIDEO: One Woman Makes 4 Trips To Detroit Drop Box In 2 Days! Deposits Stacks Of Ballots!

This exclusive dropbox video from the Baldock satellite voting center in Detroit, MI, was initially shared by TGP and 100% Fed Up.

On October 28, 2020, precisely at 4:35, a woman in a blue Toyota with a red air freshener hanging from the rear-view mirror appeared at an absentee ballot drop box at the Baldock satellite voting center in Detroit MI.

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One female passenger got out of the vehicle with a large stack of absentee ballots. The woman couldn’t deposit many ballots at one time into the dropbox slot and can be seen tearing one of the envelopes. The slots in the drop boxes are created to accept only one ballot at a time, and the female passenger completed her deposit of the large stack of ballots, so they pulled away.

Twenty-six minutes later, the same woman appeared at the same place again, but now she was alone. This time she deposited a single ballot, holding a phone as she took a picture of herself depositing the ballot.

For the third time, 21 minutes later, at 5:32 pm, the same woman again appeared at the dropbox with a sizable stack of ballots that she deposited into the Baldock satellite voting center dropbox.

The next day, the same woman came to the same place with another stack of ballots, preceded by a red Toyota pickup truck with a driver and a passenger. The vehicle arrived at the ballot box, but no one emerged from it. The passenger, with a face mask, rolls down the window and holds two phones in her hand. One has its camera opened and pointed at the satellite voting center, and the other at the dropbox. ‘’ The passenger pulls the phones back into the vehicle, inspects them, and then repeats the process (perhaps the first images weren’t clear). As the red pickup truck drives away from the dropbox, they pass the woman seen driving to the Baldock dropbox three times the previous day. She exits her vehicle with a stack of ballots, deposits them into the absentee ballot dropbox, and drives away.’’


The 2000 Mules investigators Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips appeared at the event hosted by MCC in Troy, MI.

These two talked about how they used precise and accurate geo-location data of thousands of ballots ‘’mules’’ to uncover a massive voter fraud scheme that was used all over the US.


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