HUGE! Soros Is Linked To Leadership At Biden’s ‘’Disinformation Governance Board!’’

George Soros is linked to everything the leftists do in the US and the world. If you know this, what you will hear won’t be surprisingly shocking!

George Soros is tied to the leadership at Biden’s New Orwellian ‘’Disinformation Governance Board.’’ This was announced last week, but it has come under fire.

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The government can’t decide what is and what isn’t true for partisan reasons.

Townhall reported:

Biden’s Disinformation Board Co-Leader Has Been In Bed With Soros

Members of Joe Biden’s disinformation governance board all have one thing in common: they are backed by radical leftists.

Disinformation board leader, Jennifer Daskal, has at least three close ties to liberal billionaire, George Soros, as NewsBusters highlighted.

With both of their agendas involving censorship, it’s no surprise the two have previously worked together.

Daskal worked as a senior counter-terrorism counsel for the anti-Semitic Human Rights Watch group, which received over $32,000,000 from Soros between 2000 and 2014. Soro’s also gave over $600,000 to the Just Security blog where she worked as a founding editor.

To put it in to prospective, Just Security claimed the Biden administration is the answer to peace and freedom. Daskal, though, will be a part of the very group responsible for stripping people of their Freedom of Speech.

The disinformation board has been dubbed the “Ministry of Truth.” Daskal’s past positions, however, suggest she will play a key role in keeping up with Democrat’s agenda of keeping Americans blind sighted by what it really happening.

This has to be shut down- NOW!

The Republicans are uniting against this!


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