EMFs Radiation Causes Sharp Spikes In Digital Dementia! STUDY

Pullman, Washington – Cell phone radiation is a suspect when we speak about the development of cancerous brain tumors.

Electronically generated electromagnetic fields (EMFs), including those used in wireless communication such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, and smart meters, produce high electric and magnetic forces that act on the voltage sensor of voltage-gated calcium channels to produce increased intercellular calcium.

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A new study revealed a concerning connection between the devices and the onset of Alzheimer’s. The experts stated that the long usage of cell phones and Wi-Fi radiation could cause increased calcium levels in the brain.

The review of Alzheimer’s-linked studies shows that pulsed EMFs create strong electric and magnetic forces which affect the human body. These signals activate VGCCs (voltage-gated calcium channels), regulating intracellular calcium levels.

When EMFs activate VGCC, it causes a rapid buildup, and it harms the brain and causes the onset of Alzheimer’s to speed up. The studies performed on animals explained how EMF-inducted changes in intracellular calcium levels affect the development of dementia.

“EMFs act via peak electric and time-varying magnetic forces at a nanosecond time scale,” explains the study author Martin L. Pall in a press release. “Any of these may produce the ultimate nightmare – extremely early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Phones and Wi-Fi cause early-onset Alzheimer’s!

Professor pall emphasized that human genetic and pharmacological studies found a connection between increased VGCC activity and the growing number of Alzheimer’s cases. According to the estimations, the number of six million cases will triple by 2050.

Alzheimer – linked changes in the brain can appear 25 years before the actual symptoms appear. So, the average age at which doctors diagnose Alzheimer’s is decreasing in the past two decades. The professor emphasized that this coincides with the explosion in wireless communication technology worldwide.

A shocking story is that the latest surveys show that people between the age of 30 and 40 suffer from this disease.

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