Club Of Rome And WEF=Tied Dennis Meadows Speak On Depopulation! ‘’It Can Occur In A Civil Manner.’’ [WATCH]

In a resurfaced interview, the club of Rome’s Dennis Meadows had something to say about depopulation.

When he talked about the depopulation, Meadows said that it ‘’can occur in a civil way.’’

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Meadows wants to lower the population in some kind of a peaceful way. Is he aware that he wants to kill billions of people without a conflict?

“The planet can support something like a billion people. Maybe two billion, depending on how much liberty and how much material consumption you want to have,” Meadows said.

“If you want more liberty and more consumption, you have to have fewer people,” he added.

“We can even have 8 or 9 billion, probably, if we have a very strong dictatorship, which is smart,” Meadows said.

A global dictatorship is okay if it is a smart dictatorship, according to Meadows’ book.

Meadows said that he hopes this process can be slow and equal. Dennis Meadows is a World Economic Forum contributor.

WEF reported:

Member of the faculty: 1969-72, MIT; 1972-88, Dartmouth College; 1988-2004, University of New Hampshire; in each institution, directed centres for policy on economic and environmental issues. Designer of management training games used by thousands of teachers and consultants in 15 countries. Has conducted workshops and spoken about sustainable development in over 40 nations. Member of the Board of Directors, financial, software and alternative energy firms, Europe and the US. Author of 10 books on the environment, systems and energy, translated into 35 languages. Recipient of awards: four honorary doctorates; Fulbright Fellowship to the USSR (1989); Order of Honour from the President of Hungary (2006); Peace Prize, German Committee, UNESCO (2007); Japan Prize (2009).


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