BREAKING: WHO Propaganda Outlet From France Attacked TGP Reporting & Dr. Li Claiming C-19 Is Lab-Created And Released ON PURPOSE By China!

The China-led-WHO attacked TGP reports claiming that China dropped the C-19 virus on purpose, developed in a lab.

WHO connected with a French entity, Health Feedback, shared one report stating that there isn’t evidence that C-19 was created in a laboratory.

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In 2020 TGP reported that the WHO was wrong with its projections that the virus has a mortality rate of 3.4% compared to the flu, 0.06%.

Furthermore, the WHO has entities and websites group, using it to promote their agendas and propaganda. The group has 101 websites, including Vaccine Safety Net. It has 101 member websites, including Health Feedback.

This website address claims that they and the WHO doesn’t like.

One week ago, Health Feedback shared one piece on Dr. Li Meng Yan and TGP. TGP has reported that the C-19 is a lab-made virus in China, and Dr. Li stated that the Chinese released the virus.

Health Feedback, the French website, didn’t address the statement that China released the c-19 virus, but they stated the virus wasn’t made in a lab.

The article claims they reached Dr. Li-Meng Yan, but this isn’t the case according to her. BTW she has never heard from this organization.

The statement that the C-19 wasn’t created in the lab it’s Chinese propaganda.

Once there is proof that the C-19 has been lab-made, then China will be responsible for the death and economic devastation globally. Precisely because of that, they will prevent this information from leaking!


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