BREAKING NEWS: Disney’s Darkest Secrets!

Disney’s Darkest Secrets. 

We have all seen Disney movies and cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, but once you get to know the darkest secrets of Disney, you won’t think that the company is able to bring you the “happiest place on Earth.”

Walt Disney has a special relationship with the FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.

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Disney was an FBI informant.

Because of this friendship, Disney was one of the rare studios allowed to film inside the FBI headquarters in Washington.

Furthermore, Disney was responsible for lemmings committing mass suicides!

It was guilty of feeding the notion in the people’s minds that lemmings commit mass suicide when the population grows out of control.

In White Wilderness in 1958, Disney used edits and angles to deceive the viewers into thinking that what they saw was lemmings’ migration.

The film’s last shot shows a lake full of dead lemmings’ bodies, but the lemmings didn’t jump on their own in reality.

Disney film crew pushed them!!!!

Next is the mysterious death of Debbie Stone!

Debbie Stone, the 18-year-old hostess on the ride, America Sings, at Disneyland California, had a job to bid farewell to the leaving audience. Nine days later, Debbie’s body was found crushed between a rotating wall and a stationary one.

Until today, the mystery of her death hasn’t been clarified, revealed, and adequately solved.

Disneyland reports many incidents of people spilling the ashes of their loved ones.

Since the 1990s, there have been events where individuals spread the ashes of their loved ones across Disney theme parks. This has become so often that Disney has a trained staff to handle these problems.

The crew had a vacuum cleaner to remove the ash from the air and prevent them from entering the tourists’ lungs.

In the video below, you will hear more of the secrets! I promise you will be shocked!


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