Trump With A Dire Warning!

Trump did carry a big stick, protecting the interests of the US from foreign rivals without compromising their national sovereignty. Under Trump, there was only business, nothing more, not invasions or occupations.

Speculations appeared that the Biden admin might undo the trade tariffs that Trump imposed on Chinese imports, exposing their direction.

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Trump responded with a warning:

The Epoch Times reported:

Trump began hitting China with tariffs after a United States Trade Representative (USTR) investigation in 2018 found that the communist regime was engaging in illegal practices, including excessive government subsidies and intellectual property theft.

Beijing retaliated by slappings tariffs on U.S. goods, bringing the two nations into a trade war.

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Fox News:

Fox News contributor Miranda Devine told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday there are “well-founded concerns” that President Biden may be compromised by China, referring to new revelations from Hunter Biden’s laptop involving contacts with Google executives and top U.S. officials involved with China policy.


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