Rhode Island Democrat State Legislator TWERKS For Your VOTE! [WATCH]

Rhode Island Democrat state senator Tiara Mack’s campaign stunt describes the democrat degeneracy.

The lawmaker twerked upside down wearing a thong bikini in the latest campaign video share on TikTok.

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“Vote Senator Mack!” the Democrat legislator said after twerking on the sand in her TikTok video captioned, “a promised senator thirst trap at Block Island.”


The Gateway Pundit reported:

“Say what you will about repub/dem supporting this content or not. This will simply not get you elected” one TikTok user commented.

“I don’t ever wanna hear you complain about how “women aren’t respected in this country” after posting this” another said.

Tiara Mack fired off a tweet defending her TikTok video and blamed prudish conservatives for the backlash even though many Democrats disapproved as well.

Summit News added:

Mack, who lists her pronouns in her Twitter bio and says she is a “queer educator,” previously celebrated her teaching role, during which she taught “comprehensive, queer inclusive, pleasure based sex ed.”

The state senator, the first openly gay black woman to enter the Rhode Island legislature, claims that the backlash to her stunt has nothing to do with the sheer idiocy of the act itself, but is because she is “black” and “queer.”

She also complained about the media giving her attention for twerking and not for her Ivy League degree or sporting achievements.

Tucker Carlson asked, “Why are Democrats holding back the very talented Tiara Mack?”


Summit News The Gateway Pundit

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