Boy (8) Dies 5 Days After The C-19 Shot In Mexico!


Another report of a dead child after receiving the C-19 vaccine!

“An eight-year-old boy reportedly died on Sunday, July 10, after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine five days earlier in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca,” EuroWeekly News reported.

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The family stated that the boy died five days after the C-19 shot on July 5. He had symptoms like fever, but they were only getting worse.

The boy died as a result of the shot and the symptoms he suffered.

EuroWeekly News reported:

The death was confirmed by the Secretary of Health of the state of Oaxaca, Virginia Sanchez, and reported that “there is already an investigation to find out the causes of the child’s death”.

“It is several days after the child received the vaccine, so there will be a thorough investigation into what really caused his death,” she added.

The epidemiology unit will carry out a full autopsy as well as an investigation in to the death of the young child.

After this, another girl at the age of 11 died due to cardiac arrest on a French beach. But, we don’t have information if the girl was vaccinated with the C-19 vaccine.


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